Compass Datacenters Acquires EdgePoint And BitBox USA to Enable New IT-Ready Data Center Platform

Feb 6, 2018
by Josh Anderson

DALLAS, TX — Compass Datacenters is now the first and only provider in the data center industry with the ability to provide dedicated mission critical facilities from the core to the edge with a single, common management and service platform, thanks to two acquisitions that have enabled a new, highly-touted platform. The company has brought EdgePoint Systems and BitBox USA into its fold to enable Compass Edgpoint, a new IT-ready data center that can be deployed directly on any customer premise.

EdgePoint delivers, installs, monitors and maintains fully-integrated edge data centers anywhere they are required, while BitBox USA is a facility management platform and solutions integrator specifically tailored for edge computing. The new platform dramatically reduces latency wherever companies need networking, compute or storage capacity. Designed from the ground up for the most demanding IT environments, EdgePoint can protects multi-million-dollar investments in high-end gear that requires higher density and redundancy — which can’t be provided by other containers and telco huts on the market. BitBox’s facility management platform will be the foundation of Compass’ vision for distributed data center access control, monitoring and on-going maintenance. Post-activation, BitBox personnel monitor and maintain each Compass EdgePoint unit with a white glove service. Compass acquired both EdgePoint and BitBox USA from a common owner. Financial terms have not been made public.

Chris Crosby, CEO and Founder, Compass Data Centers

“This is an exciting time for the data center industry because the definition of a data center is changing so dramatically. It wasn’t that long ago that the only model for a corporate data center was a monolithic, end-user-built structure that was inflexible, capital-intensive and inefficient in a hundred ways. Data centers have evolved significantly since then and need to be much closer to end users. Our acquisition of EdgePoint and BitBox put Compass at the forefront of where data centers are needed now,” Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters said in a press release. “These are strategic investments for Compass that enable us to offer a broader range of mission critical solutions to customers to match their specific needs from the core of their IT infrastructure all the way out to the extreme edge, no matter how a customer defines the edge and where it resides.”

“Compass has one of the most respected names in the industry, and we share a vision for how data center infrastructure needs to evolve to meet the technical and business requirements of tomorrow. Our solution is based on the experience Jon and I have gained from deploying hundreds of Google Fiber huts across the country,” Sharif Fotouh, EdgePoint’s founder, added. “Companies in content, cloud, telecommunications, industrial, pharma and manufacturing need a robust edge solution, without compromises, that can be deployed quickly and that can work seamlessly with the rest of their data center infrastructure. These facilities not only eliminate latency, but also eliminate the high costs and risks of fiber backhaul. This allows critical facilities – like factories, hospitals, network and content distribution nodes – to stay online and running without fear of fiber cuts. We are the only provider who can offer customers dedicated data centers from the core to the edge.” Fotouh will maintain his leadership position throughout and after the merger.

“Compass has a holistic vision of IT infrastructure that views all data center assets as an integrated whole. That is particularly important as data center infrastructure becomes more distributed in order to move computing power closer to end users. These are challenges I tackled while founding BitBox for some of the largest hyperscale and technology companies,” said Founder of BitBox, Jon Trout, who will also continue to lead his firm. “BitBox gives customers the tools to integrate and manage all of those facilities effectively, from the core out to the edge—and I am really energized about continuing this work as part of the Compass family of companies.”

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