Cloud Distribution and Pcysys Announce UK Data Center Solution Partnership

Jun 1, 2018
by Josh Anderson

READING, England  — The “Cloud First” Next-generation value added distributor (VAD) Cloud Distribution, Specialists in Cyber Security, Networking and Data Center Solutions, publicized the signing of Pcysys, a revolutionary machine-based Pen Testing platform, to reside within its Cyber Security Solutions team to complement its current portfolio of Cyber Security technology vendors.

The exponential growth of cyber threats and the introduction of new data protection laws in the UK have created even more emphasis on ensuring threat facing cyber-security validation systems within organizations. Now more than ever are organizations required to protect and defend vital personal and corporate data from cyber-attacks.

PCYSYS is challenging the current paradigm of infrequent and ad-hoc penetration testing requiring a high level of in-house skill, combined with a high price point. Pcysys offers great value to end user organizations with round-the-clock vulnerability monitoring, that allows reseller partners to offer comprehensive, machine based penetration testing to their clients at a lower cost without the need to upskill in-house.

data center summitAmitai Ratzon, CEO of Pcysys, said, “We are excited by the opportunity to work with Cloud and the value they bring to help leverage the market potential for our technology, and accelerate our UK go-to-market strategy. With cyber-attacks becoming more advanced and frequent, Cloud’s Cyber Security division and its network of security specialist resellers have a vast understanding of the cyber-landscape and acknowledge the need to introduce automated penetration testing to minimize risk and mitigate threats.”

Pcysys’ vision is to build the most sophisticated and effective Ethical Hacking software to make the act of penetration testing automatic and continuous to allow end users to have their own threat-oriented watchdog. The Pcysys system is based on algorithms for the automation of penetration testing saving end users money and providing continuous risk assessment.

Adam Davison, Director of Sales and Marketing, Cloud Distribution offered the following view: “The market opportunity to offer machine-based automated penetration testing is massive and we are thrilled to include Pcysys and the innovation they bring to our Cyber Security Solutions division. With so many resellers and integrators lacking the in-house resource to conduct multiple pen tests, Pcysys’ technology is perfectly aligned with our vision to ensure resellers are able to meet market needs and provide best in class solutions to cyber security challenges as part of a product, or managed service.”

With Cloud Distribution taking this game changing technology to the UK market, reseller partners are able leverage marketing and sales support through the Cloud Altitude Program, host customer Webexes with combined support from Cloud and Pcysys. Cloud Distribution’s cyber-security solution business practice helps resellers offer a comprehensive suite of technologies across the entire digital spectrum, and the addition of machine-based penetration testing strengthens that portfolio in a time where reviewing how robust an organisation’s security posture is has become most critical.

About Pcysys: Pcysys delivers an automated Penetration-Testing platform that assesses and reduces corporate cyber security risks. By applying the Hacker’s perspective, their software identifies, analyzes and remediates cyber defense vulnerabilities. Security officers and service providers around the world use Pcysys to perform continuous machine-based penetration tests and improve their immunity against cyber-attacks across their organizational networks.

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