CAPRE’s Denver Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Summit: Q&A with Wirewerks on Denver, “The Next Big Thing”

DENVER, CO — Nicolas Saab is a Data Center Specialist at Wirewerks, where he has worked for nine years. Wirewerks is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance optical fiber and copper structured cabling systems. He holds a Master’s degree in Data Center Leadership and Management from CNet/ARU. Wirewerks will be a featured sponsor at CAPRE’s upcoming Denver Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Summit. In preparation for the Summit, we connected with Saab about what Wirewerks will bring to the Summit as well as why Denver is the “next big thing” in the data center industry.

CAPRE: Thanks for chatting with us. Please tell our readers about Wirewerks and your value proposition.

Nicolas Saab, Wirewerks

Saab: We design and manufacture structured cabling – from fiber optics to copper cabling in a data center, but also in other industrial and residential applications. We design any cabling in your building. We’re a Canadian company based in Montréal. But we’re present everywhere in Canada, in the US, and in South America and Latin America.

Specifically to the data center industry, we do have a high density solution for fiber optics, and our model, or our method of work, is that we like to listen to our customers, to figure out what their needs are and then try to come up with a solution. These include things like customer support.

CAPRE: What is Wirewerks looking forward to about CAPRE’s upcoming Denver Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Summit?

Saab: We’re looking forward to meeting the players in the Denver area. Of course, it’s no secret that we’re looking to meet the end-users, consultants, and the engineering firms that are in the industry. We’re looking to grow our business and get acquainted with the Denver market.

CAPRE: What kind of activity is Wirewerks seeing in the Denver arena? What makes the market unique?

Saab: It’s an up and coming market. It’s not like Virginia or Dallas or New York City. But it’s the next big thing. That is very good about it is that it’s in the center of the country. It’s developing fast into a point of interconnection between the east and the west, as well as the south of the US and Canada. The geographic location is great and we’re seeing some great development there. We just want to get to know it better.

CAPRE: What’s happening in the data center industry? What trends are you tracking?

Saab: It’s always evolving and so, so quickly. A few years ago, hyperscale data centers were up and coming. Now they’re here, they’re established, they’re growing everywhere. Now it’s about the Internet of Things, edge data centers, supercomputers and artificial intelligence. All of those applications, they’re all housed in data centers and that’s very exciting.

We’re keeping an eye on the trends in high-density cabling, to see if the 8-bit fiber is going to be adopted or 12-bit will stay as the main solution for high density solutions. For the new revision of the TIA-942-B standards that came out in 2017, they added the 32-bit. So this uses the 8-bit principle, but it’s not going to automatically get accepted into the market. This is what we’re keeping an eye on.

CAPRE: What is challenging about the Denver market as as data center service provider?

Saab: I don’t think there are many small data center actors there just yet. There are only the big ones. For us, to get to those headquarters and meet those larger companies, that’s the challenge. It’s always easier to have access to a Tier II or Tier III company than the large global names.

CAPRE: And what do you hope to take away from CAPRE’s Denver Data Center Summit?

Saab: I know there’s a few wholesale and retail data centers in Denver. There’s Iron Mountain, Coresite, they’re all present there. We would like to meet representative of those companies to learn what their challenges are. Retail has different challenges from wholesale installations and we’d like to learn about theirs. I hope they stop by our booth and have a discussion with us. That’d be mission accomplished.

CAPRE: Thanks for your time. We’ll see Wirewerks in Denver!