CapRE’s Data Center Industry Round Up for September 14

Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center space for September 14, 2018:

  • EdgeCore Enters Northern Virginia Market, Plans Huge Campus in Sterling: EdgeCore Internet Real Estate announced plans for a major campus in Sterling, Virginia. The company says it plans to build 144 megawatts of wholesale data center space on a 36-acre property near Route 28. Led by former CoreSite CEO Tom Ray, he said, “Our entry into Northern Virginia represents our fourth market over the past six months and we remain focused upon entering additional markets over the next year,” said Ray.  “We are pleased to be on track in executing against our plan. We will continue to work hard to deliver upon the breadth and depth of scale, along with just-in-time delivery capabilities, our customers require.” EdgeCore started in February with plans to build large data center campuses in six North American markets. The company says it has the capital to develop more than 1 gigawatt of data center capacity.
  • data center summitEagle Eye Networks Expands Global Cloud Infrastructure Adding Data Center in Germany: Eagle Eye Networks broadcast the addition of a data center in Germany extending its global network of video surveillance data centers. The new data center is located in Frankfurt and will assist customers across the European Union as well as German customers’ GDPR requirements to store video within Germany. With this new center, Eagle Eye Networks now operates EU data centers in the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. Eagle Eye also operates data centers in California, Texas, Canada, Japan, India, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. Eagle Eye’s infrastructure has been specifically designed for high volume video traffic, processing, storage and is managed directly by Eagle Eye personnel to provide maximum security, performance, and availability.
  • Riedel Begins New Point of Presence at Equinix SP3 Data Center in Brazil: Riedel Networks publicized the opening of their new Sao Paolo point of presence (POP) at the brand-new Equinix SP3 data center in Brazil. Bernhard Pussel, Head of Sales at Riedel Networks, said, “We are witnessing a significant growth in the South American market. Our clients’ demand for bandwidth is increasing rapidly; they are dependent on direct access to the most important cloud systems to ensure their staff have fast, safe, and high-quality access to their cloud services.” Michael Martens, CEO of Riedel Networks, added, “The new point of presence in Sao Paulo complements our construction of a global SDN network and fits perfectly into our worldwide SD-WAN concept, which currently is in its very last prelaunch phase,” adds Michael Martens, CEO of Riedel Networks.
  • Nvidia Launches Tesla T4 GPU for Data Center Inferencing: At its GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in Japan, Nvidia unveiled a new device for inference workloads – the Tesla T4. Featuring 320 Turing Tensor Cores and 2,560 CUDA cores, the company claims the 75 watt card offers 65 teraflops of peak performance for FP16, 130 teraflops for INT8 and 260 teraflops for INT4. Along with the hardware, the company announced the Nvidia TensorRT Hyperscale Inference Platform for data centers, which uses T4 GPUs for real-time inferencing. Jordi Ribas, corporate VP for Bing and AI Products at Microsoft, noted, “Using Nvidia GPUs in real-time inference workloads has improved Bing’s advanced search offerings, enabling us to reduce object detection latency for images. We look forward to working with Nvidia’s next-generation inference hardware and software to expand the way people benefit from AI products and services.”
  • Etix Blockchain Begins Two Cryptocurrency Mines in Iceland: Etix Blockchain, a subsidiary of Luxembourg-based data center operator Etix Everywhere, opened two cryptocurrency mining facilities in Iceland. The first is located near the capital Reykjavik, and the second is in the town of Blönduós. These developments come after a significant capital investment from SBI Crypto Investment in May. Etix stated that due to demand by international institutional customers, both campuses are already fully leased. As part of its new strategy, Etix gained a majority stake (55%) in Borealis Data Center, an Icelandic company specializing in HPC and blockchain services. Borealis runs a crypto mine in Reykjanes, which DCD profiled in 2015, calling it “the ultimate shoestring facility.” As part of the deal, the company will be renamed Etix Everywhere Borealis. Antoine Gaury, head of Etix Blockchain, concluded, “Mining is only the first step of the blockchain revolution, many other industries will soon embrace this technology.”