CapRE’s Data Center Industry Round Up for July 30

Jul 30, 2018
by Justin Hughes

Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center space for July 30, 2018:

  • TierPoint Unveils Data Center in BWI Technology Park: TierPoint’s second Baltimore-area data center is ready. Construction finished with the company’s 35,000 sq. ft. facility in BWI Technology Park this month. Along with room for storage and high-speed network connections, the Linthicum Heights data center has shared workspace for clients. Almost two-thirds of the space has raised floor, allowing room for wiring and cooling. TierPoint also broadcast the client of Annapolis-based Anne Arundel Medical Center. St. Louis–based TierPoint revealed plans for the new data center last year, citing growing demand. In addition, the company has a data center situated near M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore city, which it boosted in 2016.
  • data center summitMaryland Must Burn Link with Russian-Owned ByteGrid: ByteGrid, a web hosting and data center company, reportedly ignored to tell Maryland back in 2015 when Russian investors — including an oligarch with links to President Putin — purchased an ownership stake in the company. ByteGrid claims that investors have no access to names of companies or what they manage for them. In her July statement about ByteGrid’s Russian connection, State Board of Elections Deputy Administrator Nikki Charlson said the board would work with “federal and state partners to develop a plan of action to audit existing data, review existing defenses, and immediately implement any changes to secure the systems and data before the 2018 General Election.”
  • American Airlines Network Outage Delays Flights Nationwide: Passengers described American Airlines flights being delayed across the United States on July 29, with pilots and staff suggesting a serious computer outage was the excuse. Now the FAA states the issue has been fixed, but the effect of the delays was expected to last a few hours. On Twitter, passengers conveyed delays in cities from Columbia, S.C. to Detroit. The Federal Aviation Administration told reporters that the issue was solved, but that it instigated a “nationwide ground stop.” American Airlines released a statement after the outage was concluded, “American Airlines experienced a brief connectivity issue with one of its data centers, that has now been resolved. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and all operations are returning back to normal.”
  • Greek Actor Collects Cryptocurrency Donations to Help Victims of Fire in Athens: Argyris Xafis, a Greek actor, demonstrates support  for victims of a fire near Athens by accumulating donations in cryptocurrency. The fire occurred on July 23, forcing people to exit their homes and run for their lives. The number of injured is still increasing, and the death toll has reached 80 people with many missing. Fire touched the villages to the West and North-East from Athens. Argyris Xafis started the charity campaign on his Twitter page and stated, “We, the crypto community, have the duty to stand up for the people in need and provide our support in these difficult times. Please use the below button to donate to those families that were hit by the recent catastrophic events. Make sure you share this page with the rest of the crypto community; as more members become aware of our cause, the closer we get to reaching our goal. Thank you in advance for your support and contribution.”
  • Kim Dotcom Makes Crypto Monetisation System for Content Creators: Kim Dotcom is starting a project to produce its own cryptocurrency that will allow direct monetization by content creators instead of relying on third parties and intermediaries. The digital publishing industry faces the clamor of fraud or low payment for publishers. Most of these problems are attributed to the opaque nature of the industry due to its highly centralized configuration. Kim Dotcom is centered on establishing an ecosystem that can enable a direct and easy process for both publishers and consumers to get this industry on the right track. The white paper published by the company states that the platform will empower content creators by allowing them to monetize their creations instantly.
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