CapRE’s Data Center Industry Round Up for July 3

Jul 3, 2018
by Josh Anderson

Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center space for July 3, 2018:

  • Colt to Extend IQ Network into EdgeconneX Edge Data Centers: EdgeConneX publicized a partnership with Colt Technology Services that will have the Colt IQ Network connect into several of EdgeConneX’s facilities, beginning with their Amsterdam Edge Data Center (EDC). This will enable Colt to address the growing local and global demands for connectivity at the edge. The large Colt IQ Network covers key global cloud aggregation points with multiple 100Gbps transatlantic and transpacific connections, as well as 100Gbps links in the Asia-Pacific region.  The Colt IQ Network is spread across more than 850 data centers and carrier hotels and over 26,000 on-net buildings internationally, providing high-quality service across four continents and 28 countries to maintain critical technology and telecommunications services for global businesses.
  • Amazon Considers Data Center in Tallaght, Ireland: Amazon submitted a proposal to build another data center in Tallaght, on the outskirts of Dublin, next to a newly approved 88,000 square foot (8,175 sq m) facility on an area of land purchased in 2015. The Irish Independent reported that the proposed building spans 23,280 square meters (250,045 sq ft), much like another of the company’s data centers in Tallaght, a repurposed Tesco warehouse which Amazon acquired in 2010. The proposal was made on behalf of Amazon Web Services by Amazon Data Services Ireland. Amazon is reported to have asked that the authorization process be fast-tracked for facilities of more than 10,000 square meters (107,640 sq ft), on sites spanning 15 hectares or more.
  • data center summitYarovaya Law Forces Operators and Internet Companies to Store User Correspondence: Telecom operators, ordered to store voice messages and messages of users for 30 days, received a postponement until October 1 for the most significant part – storing “heavy” Internet traffic. Details of the requirements for Internet companies were unveiled days before the law came into effect and it is unclear whether companies had time to prepare. Adopted in the summer of 2016, the package of anti-terrorist amendments to the laws proposed by State Duma deputy Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov became one of the main issues on the agenda of the entire telecom industry in the last two years.  The government has established the maximum possible period of storage of data under the law – six months. During this time, Internet companies must store text messages, voice information, images, sounds, video and other electronic messages of users.
  • Sify Technologies to Create 400G-Ready Metro Networks Using Ciena’s WaveLogic AI Technology: Sify Technologies Limited has chosen Ciena’s converged packet optical solutions to meet rising customer demand and give greater support for increasing data volumes, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based services and Big Data analytics. Sify will scale its network capacity from 100G to 400G to deliver ultra-high, data-heavy bandwidth services and manage unpredictable traffic growth for its customers, which include Over the Top (OTT) providers, financial services institutions and healthcare organizations. Sify’s Data Center Interconnect footprint covers more than 40 data centers in India. The Cloud Interconnect offering provides on-demand access to leading public cloud and SAAS providers in India. The Ciena deployment helps Sify scale its network on demand and provides the key network characteristics to support its customers’ requirements.
  • CMI Begins Construction of Large Singapore Data Center: China Mobile International (CMI) celebrated the groundbreaking its new data Singapore data center. This will be the company’s second self-built data center in Asia Pacific (with its existing data center in Hong Kong) and one of the most significant network hubs outside of Mainland China. The new Singapore facility will operate directly with CMI’s other overseas data centers to provide high speed connecting services including IPLC, IP Transit, voice, roaming, cloud computing and other one-stop communication solutions to global customers and partners. The data center is located in Singapore Dacheng Industrial Park and has a gross area of 7,330 square metres and a construction area of 15,174 square metres with a total number of 2,100 racks.
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