CapRE’s Data Center Industry Round Up for January 9

Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center space for January 8, 2018:

  • Toshiba Memory Unveils New SSD Line: Toshiba Memory America, Inc., the U.S.-based subsidiary of Toshiba Memory Corporation, will introduce the fourth generation of its single package ball grid array solid state drive (SSD) product line: the BG4 series. Toshiba Memory’s new lineup of ultra-compact NVMe™ SSDs places both the flash and an all-new controller into one package, bringing design flexibility to ultra-thin PC notebooks, embedded systems and server boot in data centers. BG4 SSDs feature a power-saving solution that improves power efficiency up to 20 percent in read and 7 percent in write 9 and provides a low-power state 10 as low as 5 megawatts. The BG4 also improves its Host Memory Buffer technology by increasing the accelerated read access range and optimizing background flash management.
  • Huawei Announces New CPU: Huawei has announced the arrival of the Kunpeng 920 CPU—which uses the Arm instruction set—as well as a trio of TaiShan server models including the newly-announced Arm CPU at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, NV. This new platform is based on an ARMv8 design featuring 64 cores at 2.6 GHz per core, with an 8-channel DDR4 interface and two 100G RoCE ports for networking, as well as PCIe 4.0 and CCIX interfaces. According to an official press release, the Kunpeng 920 “significantly improves processor performance by optimizing branch prediction algorithms, increasing the number of OP units, and improving the memory subsystem architecture.”
  • New SquareCoreSite Welcomes AWS Direct Connect to Silicon Valley Campus: CoreSite has announced the availability of a second native point of connectivity to Amazon Web Services Direct Connect at CoreSite’s Silicon Valley data center campus. This deployment at the CoreSite SV2 data center in Milpitas, CA supports the new logical redundancy capability of AWS Direct Connect. Through AWS Direct Connect, CoreSite customers can establish private, enterprise-grade connectivity to AWS through a fiber interconnect or through the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange. With the addition of AWS logical redundancy capability, CoreSite customers can improve resiliency by establishing two logical Border Gateway Protocol peering sessions with two AWS devices over a single physical AWS Direct Connect connection.
  • Kaiam’s European Operations Close up Shop: As of December 24, 2018, the European operations of the optical transceiver supplier Kaiam have closed all operations. 310 employees have been laid off without notice. While the U.S. operations (where the company is headquartered) are still online, the Bardia Pezeshki, CEO of Kaiam, has admitted to press that the company is likely to face insolvency. Pezeshki also offered insight into the difficulties Kaiam faced — that large data centers often were difficult to convince that his firm could meet their business needs, Chinese competitors dropping their prices significantly; and an inability of data centers adequately predict their need.
  • Synergy Research Finds Cloud Market Hit $250 Billion in 2018: Synergy Research has released a new report about the global Cloud market, and they found that the market hit $250 Billion USD globally in 2018, a showing of worth 32% in annual growth. Top names in the game include Dell EMC, Cisco and HPE, as well as Microsoft and VMware. The report also dove deep into different offerings and found that enterprise SaaS posted a 30% gain in 2018, while unified comms as a service clocked over 20%.