CAPRE’s Data Center Industry Round Up for April 3

Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center space for April 3, 2019:

  • Tri Cascade Enters Co-Development Arrangement with Aetina Corporation: Tri Cascade has engaged with Microsoft A.I. Edge computing partner, Aetina Corporation. An NDA has been executed by both parties, which enables Tri Cascade and Aetina to co-develop the building of A.I. home automation products, supported by Microsoft technology. This is key to the establishment of A.I. IoT capability independently in the home as a local “in-house” operation vs. relying on data transmission from the home to the Cloud and back down to the home. Founded in Taiwan from 2012, Aetina is dedicated to high performance GPGPU and Jetson AI edge computing solutions for embedded applications, with its focus on the development and long term support of highly reputable GPU-accelerated computing products for wide range of image-critical applications in edge computing markets, including medical, defense & aerospace, factory automation, gaming, machine learning and surveillance.
  • AMD EPYC to Power Hostkey’s Virtualized and HPC Workloads: AMD and HOSTKEY, a leading cloud solutions company representing clients across Europe, Russia and North America, have released the AMD EPYC processor-based servers across HOSTKEY’s infrastructure. This new deployment of AMD EPYC CPUs offers differentiated features, core-count, connectivity and memory bandwidth to HOSTKEY customers running virtualized environments and high-performance computing workloads. The new HOSTKEY platform uses the 16-core AMD EPYC 7281 and 24-core EPYC 7401P processors delivered on Gigabyte platforms, which have support for up to 8-channels of RDIMM/LRDIMM DDR4 memory and 128 lanes of ultra-fast PCIe® Gen3 x4 connections to support increased user demand.
  • GDS Launches AWS Direct Connect in Shanghai and Shenzhen Data Centers: GDS Holdings Limited, a leading developer and operator of high-performance data centers in China, has announced the launch of Amazon Web Services Direct Connect in GDS’s Shanghai and Shenzhen data centers. Through AWS Direct Connect, customers can directly access AWS over a private, enterprise-grade network connection, which helps customers reduce data transfer costs, improve network security, and achieve consistent network performance. This deployment represents the first and only native points of connectivity to AWS Direct Connect available in Shanghai and Shenzhen, two of the most important markets in China.
  • Intel Broadcasts New Product Portfolio for Moving, Storing and Processing Data: Intel has unveiled a new portfolio of data-centric solutions consisting of 2nd-Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, Intel Optane DC memory and storage solutions, and software and platform technologies optimized to help its customers extract more value from their data. Intel’s latest data center solutions target a wide range of use cases within cloud computing, network infrastructure and intelligent edge applications, and support high-growth workloads, including AI and 5G. Building on more than 20 years of world-class data center platforms and deep customer collaboration, Intel’s data center solutions target server, network, storage, internet of things applications and workstations. The portfolio of products advances Intel’s data-centric strategy to pursue a massive $300 Billion USD data-driven market opportunity.
  • Sungard Availability Likely to Declare Bankruptcy: Sungard Availability Services Capital Inc. has announced that it is preparing a pre-arranged bankruptcy filing to reduce its nearly $1.3 Billion USD debt. The move could be the fastest restructuring on record. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sungard expects to file for bankruptcy around May 1, and has promised its corporate customers to exit bankruptcy on a stronger footing. According to the press release from Sungard, through the restructuring process, Sungard AS will continue to operate in the normal course of business, including delivering the high levels of service its customers expect and making planned investments in its fully resilient production and recovery solutions portfolio, all delivered by the Company’s team of seasoned professionals.
  • Construction to Begin on Raxio’s Namanve Data Center in Uganda: Construction has finally begun on the long-awaited data center to be owned and operated by Raxio Data Centers, in the the Kampala Industrial and Business Park, Namanve, in Mukono District, within the capital city of Kampala, Uganda. Roko Construction is heading up the construction side of things. The project will cost $15 Million USD and will result in a Tier III facility, one which will be the first carrier-neutral co-location data center in the region.