CAPRE’s Construction, Design, Engineering Evolution: DP Guardians’ Jon deRidder Says Consolidation, Talent Shortage, Transactions Setting the Tone of Data Center Industry

DENVER, CO — Jon deRidder is Chief Executive Officer of DP Guardian, experts in critical cleaning. DP Guardian is not a standard commercial janitorial crew. DP Guardian’s comprehensive “5 Zone Methodology” cleaning approach was developed by DP Guardian to minimize risk, ensure safety, and provide the highest quality cleaning for our customers. All of their technicians are specifically trained to operate in the critical data center environment. They understand how important communication is in the data center, and thus hire only fluent English speakers. They also enforce a drug policy to help keep our clients and the environments that they serve safe. DP Guardian’s goal is to improve the uptime and reliability of your data center environment by implementing key cleaning initiatives that remove particulate from drop ceilings, subfloors, environment, racks, cabinets, and flooring. Their specialties include Preventative Maintenance Programs, Post-Construction Cleaning, Remediation, and the creation of Custom Cleaning Solutions to keep your data center operating without the unnecessary risk of downtime or equipment failures. Check out an exclusive Q&A with Jon below about how Consolidation, Talent Shortage and Transactions are setting the tone for the industry in advance of the event.

CAPRE: Thanks for chatting with us today, Jon. What’s the latest at DP Guardian? What’s your strategy for the rest of 2019 and into 2020?

Jon de Ridder – CEO, DP Guardian

deRidder: Well I returned to DP Guardian back in January to serve as CEO and I am excited to be back here at DPG. We have a really strong team and we’re growing again. For the remainder of 2019, we will be focused on tuning our delivery approach enhancing our customer experience, such as improved communication from end to end, and enhancing our training program to include a deeper knowledge and holistic understanding of the data center.

CAPRE: What has been the biggest change in the Denver mission critical space in the last year?

deRidder: Ownership. Many of our customers have bought or sold their data centers in the past 12 months. In this buying and selling, there are fewer players who are stabilized. A lot of my customers in the colocation space specifically froze operations budgets until they were sold. They deferred OpEx in position for a sale, to drive a high multiple. Now that the acquisition is behind them, they, let’s take care of that space. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the data centers were neglected, but they were minimally cared for. Just like buying a house – you’re not going to put new windows and siding on before a sale, since they don’t have a huge return. now that the purchase is made.

CAPRE: What other trends are you seeing?

deRidder: Consolidation is obviously continuing to be a big trend. The bigs are getting bigger, and the smalls are getting smaller. I think the trend is that we have both in the multi-tenant data center arena. That has a lot to do with the ownership piece. The players are kind of getting vetted out. We’ve got this aggregation taking place.

CAPRE: What are you looking forward to about CAPRE’s Summit today?

deRidder: Learning. I’m a learner. I want to know what other people see and what other people think, I’m happy to share what I see and what I know but I want to see what other trends are out there, and especially why. what is that core, what is driving these changes and shifts. it’ll come in in networking.

CAPRE: What is one of the most important challenges in your space – i.e., mission critical cleaning?

deRidder: Well, just finding qualified personnel is harder and harder to do. The level of expertise required to be a specialist keeps on getting higher and higher. That chasm is growing because of the growing bar required to be a specialist. Does that mean you’ve been doing it for 20 years? How many people have been doing only one thing for 20 years in this space? There aren’t that many.

The true specialists are beginning to retire and fall away. The generalists are outsourcing everything and that’s getting some of our customers in trouble, because there was an assumption that they said they could do it, so therefore they can. So I can delegate these tasks to someone who is truly a generalist when the skillset requires that of a specialist.

CAPRE: Got it, thanks for your time Jon. We’re looking forward to hearing from you today.

Jon’s aim is to perfect the “service approach” working to guide customers through the complex and elusive challenges facing data center environments. Jon brings experience from having worked with over 200 data center clients and a significant network of influencers. Jon is gifted at ensuring that the most important issues facing our customers are uncovered, discussed, well understood and solved. Jon’s many industry-specific speaking engagements include AFCOM, AFEC, ASHRAE, BOMA, CAPRE, EPA and the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Hear more from Jon today at CAPRE’s Construction, Design, Engineering Evolution Summit in Denver.


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