CAPRE’s Carolinas Data Center Summit Preview: Checking in with CPG’s Jimmy Jack

CHARLOTTE, NC — Jimmy Jack is the Carolinas Account Manager at Capitol Power Group (CPG). CPG experts are THE innovators for cutting-edge Data Center solutions from assessments to operations, base building to upfit. We apply the latest facilities infrastructure power, cooling, and control at all scales and densities. Our team’s innovative ideas are providing next-generation solutions for the ever-changing and dynamic data center industry. And now, with the ability to design all types of data storage solutions, including Critical Infrastructure, Hyperscale, Modular, SAN and SDDC, CPG continues to expand and look beyond the cloud to design and deploy optimal, scalable solutions. CPG leads the industry through decades of experience, management and execution. In anticipation of CAPRE’s Carolinas Data Center Summit, we connected with Jimmy to explore what makes the Carolinas tick.

Jimmy Jack, Carolinas Account Manager, Capitol Power Group

CAPRE: What have you and your team at CPG been up to recently?

Jack: A lot of small data center projects to support this whole 5G initiative. Everything is 100 kw or smaller, a combination of AC and DC applications. Really small footprint type stuff. Also, healthcare. One example would be some of these big huge hospitals, they usually have a small IDF (intermediate distribution facility) closet supporting a lot of their backbone infrastructure.

CAPRE: What kind of trends are setting the pace?

Jack: Data center growth. Square footage is hard to find. So a lot of people are trying to find smaller facilities and go with higher density. We’re now seeing the 30-50 kw range. So we’re not necessarily looking to build new data centers, but increase density in existing ones. It’s a blessing because we’re looking at building more. But the challenge is footprint. A lot of times you can’t find the UPS or infrastructure to support that density. So a lot of times we have to look at modular or off-site production. This becomes an innovative solution with power and cooling to support that kind of density.

CAPRE: What is unique about the Carolinas data center arena?

Jack: The Carolinas data center is different from others. They’re smaller than they are elsewhere but there are a lot more. In the Carolinas our large facilities are 500 KW and smaller. There’s a difference in size and scalability, especially as compared to Northern Virginia. But there’s also a lot of colocation facilities. So cloud and colo are building the infra to support these data centers, so there’s a good mix.

CAPRE: What are some of the Carolinas market’s biggest strengths?

Jack: The climate is awesome. We don’t have snow. We do get hurricanes periodically, but the climate makes it very conducive for people to do business here and build data centers. from the climate to the amount of land and power that’s available.

CAPRE: What do you think people are looking forward to talking or hearing about at our upcoming Carolinas Data Center summit?

Jack: People are curious about the edge. What does it mean and what does it look like? There isn’t a clear definition and it could be a lot of things. Also, this whole 5G initiative – how do we see data centers changing, based on that 5G initiative?

CAPRE: What are you looking forward to specifically about the event?

Jack: The ability to meet people within the industry. You learn so much interacting with other attendees and learning from their experiences. So it’s so great to have an event like this where you can get together with colleague sand just talk shop.

CAPRE: Glad to hear that. We’ll see you in Charlotte. Thanks Jimmy!