[CAPRE Webinar Replay] CAPRE’s Trends in Fire Protection with Fireline, Xtralis, Victaulic, GIGA Data Centers

On July 15, CAPRE’s INTERNATIONAL DATA CENTER SERIES hosted an in-depth webinar and video presentation about data center disaster scenarios, with special focus on trends in fire protection. Sponsored by Fireline, the webinar featured innovations in fire suppression technologies and guest speakers represented Xtralis, Victaulic, GIGA Data Centers. The full-length, two-hour webinar in now available in replay format.       CAPRE Webinar Replay | CAPRE’s Southeast Digital Infrastructure Forecast & Trends in Fire Protection     Tuesday, July 15, 2020 9am-11am     Sponsor: Fireline         Featured Speaker: * Anna Gavin, President & Founder, Fireline * Wes Marcks, Notifier Advanced Data Center Specialist, Xtralis * Don Mitchell, Division Manager - Data Center Division, Victaulic * Jake Ring, President & CEO, GIGA Data Centers * William Sudah, Director of Global Sales and Distribution, Xtralis_Lithium-Ion Detection * Dave Taylor, Director of Business Development, Fireline     Schedule:   9:00-9:10 Opening and Panelist Introductions   9:10-9:25 Sponsor presentation: Fireline   9:25-9:55 Segment 1: Southeast Digital Infrastructure Forecast   9:55-10:00 Commercial Break   10:00-10:30 Segment 2: Trends in Fire Protection   10:30-10:45 Audience Questions   10:45-11:00 Roundtable & Forward Thinking: Finding the Silver Lining Today, Finding Opportunity in Challenge, and Finding Opportunity in Crisis