CAPRE CONFERENCE REWIND: DCF’s Rich Miller Leads High-Level Data Center Panel at CAPRE Industry Forecast

CAPRE CONFERENCE REWIND: CAPRE 2020 DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE INDUSTRY FORECAST On January 30, 2020, DCF's Rich Miller led a high level panel discussion at CAPRE's data center industry forecast in Dulles, VA. Like 2018 and 2019, 2020 will come with its own challenges regarding business growth, operational optimization, and achieving consistent investment return for their stakeholders. Hear from industry technology and data center leaders making decisions not only for 2020, but also for the next five years. Expert speakers discussed the following themes: * Where will your strategic focus be in 2020? Has this shifted since last year? * What was a surprising outcome in 2019? Were there any unanticipated challenges faced? * What are the common themes and strategies around the successful companies you have worked with? What are critical components of success? * How have you and your team kept up with the pace of change in technology as well as customer needs? * How has your company’s objectives and your customers’ demands evolved going into 2020? * What keeps you up at night? Panelists included: * Moderator: Rich Miller, Founder & Editor, Data Center Frontier * Gabe Cole, Chief Technologist, Strongbow Consulting Group * Garry Connolly, Founder & President, Host In Ireland * Brian Doricko, VP of Strategic Sales, CyrusOne * Carrie Goetz, Principal/CTO, StrategITcom * Jeffrey Moerdler, Partner, Mintz Levin