CAPRE PODCAST IN LEADERSHIP: Vantage Data Centers’s Lee Kestler Talks Factors Impacting Digital Infrastructure in 2020, Renewable Energy, Rural Fiber & More

On November 16, CAPRE's Brian Klebash caught up with Vantage Data Centers's Chief Commercial Officer, Lee Kestler, to discuss leasing trends and patterns in the current environment, as well as the overall outlook for the digital infrastructure industry. Lee Kestler is a digital Infrastructure executive with an extensive track record scaling and expanding business units that were early stage or in need of evolution. While having significant success as an individual contributor in sales across diverse industries, Kestler's most satisfying accomplishment is the incredible growth and impact in the data center/cloud infrastructure sector since the late 90's. Kestler says he is "appreciative of the extensive domestic and international relationships developed." In his CAPRE Podcast in Leadership interview, Mr. Kestler answered the following questions: * What is the impact of the presidential / political transitional period? * What has been the impact of COVID-19 on demand dynamics and leasing at Vantage? * Has there been disruption to construction projects underway or capital raising during COVID-19? * How do you view the public cloud: Opportunity or competitive threat to Vantage Data Centers? * What is the outlook for Northern Virginia in terms of new entrants? * Renewable energy outlook: Solar and wind, geothermal. What type of power generation can drive innovation? * Is there an opportunity to invest in renewable projects? * Is there a magic formula for growth of renewable energies or furtherance of rural fiber?