CAPRE PODCAST IN LEADERSHIP: COLOTRAQ’s Dany Bouchedid Talks Leasing Trends Prior to and During COVID Environment

On August 6, CAPRE's Brian Klebash caught up with COLOTRAQ's Chief Executive Officer, Dany Bouchedid, to discuss leasing trends and patterns in the current environment, as well as the history of his business. Dany Bouchedid is a relationship-driven entrepreneur, leader and visionary with a proven track record of success in building, growing and managing multi-million dollar enterprises. In 1999, he founded and is currently CEO of COLOTRAQ, a full-service sourcing and consulting firm that helps companies and institutions source data center colocation, managed hosting, cloud computing, network infrastructure and other related telecom services in 140 countries. Dany has been published and quoted in various industry publications and has been a speaker at several industry conferences. He has served on several boards for both non-profits and corporations. In his CAPRE Podcast in Leadership interview, Mr. Bouchedid answered the following questions: * What are the unique demands of the public cloud companies in today's environment? * How are enterprise end users approaching public cloud vs colcoation? * Is the data center pandemic demand story 'too good to be true' with booming web usage due to work from home, webinars, etc.? * What is the future of digital infrastructure: larger hyperscale-type data centers, small edge deployments or something else and why? * How do you maintain synergy in your business in normal times, and what have you learned working in the COVID-19 environment?