CAPRE Podcast Exclusive: Digital Infrastructure Leader Tesh Durvasula

CAPRE caught up with digital infrastructure industry leader, Tesh Durvasula, who left Cyrus One in August 2020. In this wide ranging interview with CAPRE President & Founder, Brian Klebash, Mr Durvasula answered many questions, including: What you have you learned in 2020? What technology or service will likely accelerate during the current environment? Will temporary changes due to COVID (WFH, SFH, gaming) become permanent, and how will industry leaders change strategy? How will the digital infrastructure space evolve and change? What is the future of Cyrus One? Where is pricing today given recent growth and consolidation? Where is yield today in the digital infrastructure arena? Where is capital going today that would have otherwise been directed to asset classes such as office, multifamily, retail, hospitality? What is the opportunity outside of the U.S. (Europe, Asia and other locations)? What is Tesh Durvasula's future?