Canada’s Data Sovereignty Rules Give Northern Country Competitive Edge Over U.S.

Nov 8, 2018
by Josh Anderson

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – CapRE’s inaugural Vancouver Data Center Summit kicked off with a round-table titled Greater Vancouver Data Center Market 360: A Big Picture Overview, and Making Sense of Recent M&A Activity, the Ins-and-Outs of Deals, and What it Means for the Industry. At the beginning of that discussion, one of the panelists in that discussion, Ken Thorpe, CEO and Managing Director of VeriNet, took the microphone to share some insight into an exciting new development in British Columbia – the highest density fiber optic network between Vancouver and Seattle.

data center summit“The Boston Consulting Group was commissioned by the BC Business council, to consult with them and determine what the actual differences were between Seattle and Vancouver. And the answer? Connectivity. Bandwidth. Data center space,” he mused. “So this project of ours, this Vancouver to Seattle Project, or Cascadia Fiber Net, is only the tip of our iceberg. Our next project is Vancouver to Seoul, a Trans-Pacific cable connecting Canada with Asia.”

That project in particular will be very important, shared Thorpe. “It’s important because Canada does not have a PATRIOT Act. Canada’s data sovereignty rules are considerably different than the United States,” he shared. “Data sovereignty here rests in the hands of the owner of the data. And that’s important because there are Asian customers who wish to get to Europe without transiting through the United States. And Vice-versa. We will be a primary component in that form of connectivity.”

Next, Thorpe moved onto data center space. “There isn’t much here,” he admitted, wrapping up his remarks. “Our goal is to build 500,000 square foot data center just north of the border. What do you need for a data center? You need connectivity and you need power. I’ve found it. We’re well on our path to completing $2.4 billion USD worth of infrastructure projects over the next 3-5 years. And we look forward to connecting Vancouver to not only Seattle, and working with our friends not only at CenturyLink, but other carriers and creating an open access network for the foreseeable future.”

Founded in May of 2005, VariNet leverages its decades of telecom experience to be a leading-edge, facilities-based provider of enhanced voice and data communications services. Utilizing a customer-centric approach, VariNet owns a proven track record of success in building mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients and vendors. Owning and maintaining such relationships allows VariNet to provide affordable, reliable, scalable voice and data communications services. VariNet operates its own Canadian network in the major metropolitan areas of Canada. As such VariNet is able to provide wholesale origination and termination services with exceptional service and quality.

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