JLL’s Bo Bond: Data Center Teams Have Performed Admirably in the Face of Mother Nature

Oct 5, 2017
by Josh Anderson

DALLAS, TX  – Bo Bond is the Managing Director and Co-Leader of JLL’s global Data Center Solutions practice team. He is a recognized leader in the real estate industry whose knowledge of technical issues, infrastructure, and labor assessment has allowed him to develop the unique skill set required for mission critical and contact center requirements. Bo works with clients to develop the necessary strategies to meet their individual objectives including tenant and owner representation, investment sales and acquisitions, leasing and development of these unique assets. Bo has over 24 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. He was with The Staubach Company for ten years, and became a member of the JLL team when they merged with Staubach in July 2008. Bo has successfully negotiated over 20 million square feet of real estate transactions in multiple states. He frequently provides keynote addresses for CapRE’s data center summits, including the upcoming Fifth Annual Texas Data Center Summit in October 2017. In anticipation of this event, we connected with Bo for a Q&A of a sneak preview of his remarks. This is the second part of that Q&A. Be sure to check out the first part in the series.

CapRE: So zooming out a bit, are there any disruptive technologies or trends that are piquing your interest?

Bond: Well, there are continual disrupters. We’ve seen them over the last few years. In my opinion, I’m a big proponent of disruption. It challenges the norm. Positive things come of it. I think that security, at the retail level, at the transaction level, at the online payment level, the processing part of it, they’re continuing to solve for how they protect that info. How they encrypt it. And how they keep our information safe and the transactions happening. Because you and I as consumers, as well as corporations, want to use this technology to trade quicker, to move information quicker, in real time.

What we are seeing is that that group of people I mentioned earlier? They’re working very hard to solve their challenges in multiple, different ways. But the good thing is that they’re substantially refreshing old equipment. They’re applying new technologies. they have the top people in the industry from a thought leadership perspective. They’re looking forward to where the technology Is going to the solve the current challenges of their business as well as their consumers.

CapRe: Wow. So with all that in mind, is there anything else you think our readers should know in advance of our Texas summit?

Bond: What I would say is that the market is lumpy at times. And so investor and analysts both need to understand that leasing volumes and deployments happen in different time frames. They’re based upon consolidation, roll out of technology, deployment of infrastructure. And to look at them by a quarter by quarter basis, which the markets force us to do, can sometimes lose the overall context of how well the data center industry is performing, how well the publicly traded REIT multi-tenant data cener companies are reacting to their clients, how much growth we are seeing, and the positive trajectory. So what I’d say is, see it for more than just the quarterly return. See the positive growth. See where the M&A in happening. See where companies are adopting technologies and deploying them in different formats (clouds, colo, etc). When you start to look at that, the trend line continues to come back positive.

CapRe: Well that’s great to think about. Thank you for your time today.

Bond: Actually, there’s one more thing I’d like to say. If you look at the most recent events in the last month, the significant natural disasters we’ve encountered, notice how great the data centers teams have performed. They’ve have been away from their homes. Sleeping at data centers. Doing this on behalf of their companies and their clients. We’re not seeing any downtime. The power, water, sewer, etc. etc., all of that connectivity, it all stayed up. No businesses lost information. That’s because people have really put together great methods, great procedures, and great operations. And hey, mother nature threw a lot of stuff at us over the last 45 days. But we came out on top in this industry. Kudos to the teams.

CapRE: I hope those teams read this. We’ll see you in Dallas, Bo.

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