Binghamton University Considering Constructing New Data Center

JOHNSON CITY, NY – Binghamton University is considering opening a secondary data center for both its main campus and its health sciences campus, according to an email from Niyazi Bodur, Associate Vice-President and Chief Information Officer at Binghamton University to members of the University community. This story was first covered by BU Pipe Dream, a bi-weekly student newspaper. The University plans to implement a “clustering” strategy with the new data center to improve the reliability of the University’s primary data center servers.

“Clustering is having two different servers, which are sometimes geographically distant, perform the same function and run the same system and data,” wrote Bodur in the email, which was primarily sent to explain the potential increase in student technologies fees by $10.50 for the 2019-2020 academic school year. “By way of an example, Banner system and data will be clustered in both primary and secondary data servers. This will further increase the reliability and availability of the system, in case one location fails.”

“Due to the critical nature of these systems and data, they need to be highly reliable and available,” continued Bodur, who also clarified that the data center is not set in stone yet an the University is also considering other projects to be funded by the increase in student technology fees. “Therefore, critical support infrastructure is included in a data center as well, such as the units that keep all of the equipment cool and the battery backup units that ensure that things keep running if the building loses power.”

Binghamton University is also known as the State University of New York at Binghamton. It is comprised of three campuses in upstate New York — Binghamton, Vestal, and Johnson City. Its student population numbers 17,768. It is widely considered to be among the top Public Universities in the country.