aXpire Procures BlockchainWarehouse to Fortify Blockchain Projects

Nov 2, 2018
by Justin Hughes

NEW YORK, NY/SINGAPORE — aXpire, a leading blockchain fund solutions company, revealed the procurement of BlockchainWarehouse (BCW), a blockchain accelerator and leading token sale product developer. aXpire completed the purchase to boost the strength of its in-house blockchain talent and add a new product offering to its technology suite. BlockchainWarehouse provides a crypto-to-crypto gateway that aXpire rebranded as “CoinBX” (pronounced “coinbox” or “coinbox blockchain exchange”), which will allow aXpire to offer AXPR purchases directly through its web applications, Resolvr and MatchBX. Clients will be able to purchase AXPR with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether through a simple button on each product. This AXPR will be made available from existing tokens sold through exchanges.

data center summitCoinBX is another spoke in the “hub and spoke” Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suite that aXpire is structuring out to make blockchain solutions a reality for businesses wanting to become more profitable. CoinBX was originally used as a token sale platform, which aXpire will maintain, but will now also offer a discount or bonus to those using AXPR on the platform.

In addition, the platform will be expanded into a crypto-to-crypto gateway, with part of the platform license fees payable in AXPR and burned. This new product means aXpire will be able to offer “Buy AXPR” buttons on its software, which will minimize the friction required for businesses and other customers to buy AXPR. This software represents the first aXpire venture into payments, and will serve as another building block in an ecosystem meant to encourage businesses to adopt blockchain.

The acquisition will also shift all of BlockchainWarehouse’s clients to aXpire, giving aXpire the ability to create blockchain funds to share with its institutional investor database. These funds will utilize aXpire’s Resolvr software and will allow investors a way to purchase a diverse basket of blockchain projects with AXPR or fiat. Both methods of buying blockchain funds would end up utilizing AXPR and would provide another use case for the token.

About aXpire: aXpire launched its latest technology innovation into the Fund Administration Services space. aXpire will initially serve to help asset and fund administrators and managers at banks, hedge funds, private equity firms and others to deal with the resource and time-costly process of allocating and apportioning outside vendor costs to each fund, or split of funds as is appropriate, based on the deal. The suite of aXpire applications will expand to create seamless, digital connections across all key functional departments and stakeholders, including: legal, compliance/regulatory, fund accounting, administration and finance.

About BlockchainWarehouse: BlockchainWarehouse is a collective, based all around the crypto world. It was built to help companies and projects get the support they need throughout their TGE, providing them with full end-to-end solutions, enabling them to go from idea to product deployment and all steps in between, including Token Generation Events (TGEs)/Token Distribution Events (TDEs).


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