“Atlanta is Finally a Full-Blown Data Center Market” | 5 Questions with CPG’s Jeff Ivey

ATLANTA, GA — As Vice President for Strategic Development, Jeff is responsible for fostering growth and managing organizational operations across several cross-functional teams at CPG. A data center executive with over 30 years of experience, Jeff combines his extensive knowledge of data center operations, design, and facilities management with his project management expertise to ensure success for both clients and CPG. With an easy going and dynamic personality, as well as the ability to articulate key issues in the category and predict and discuss trends, Jeff is a sought-after thought leader. Jeff will be a featured speaker at CAPRE’s upcoming Atlanta Data Center Summit, so we connected with him to learn more about the lay of the land in the Big Peach at a very exciting time.

CAPRE: What makes your clients in Atlanta pick up the phone and call you?

Ivey: Atlanta is a great market from an overall standpoint. You’ve got a low risk as far as natural disasters, you’ve got good pricing on power, real estate is relatively cheap, you’ve got a strong workforce, and there is legislation in place to support data centers. All of the good factors that go into making a good market have attracted a number of enterprise and corporate users to the area. We have 5 or 6 folks in Atlanta and we probably haven’t done enough to penetrate the market, but it’s definitely a nice growth market for us.

Jeff Ivey is Vice President - Strategic Development at Capitol Power Group, LLC. In the mission critical arena, Ivey has worked for COPT Data Center Solutions, Himes Associates, Ltd., and Nextel. Ivey is a featured thought leader with CAPRE's International Data Center Series.
Jeff Ivey, Vice President – Strategic Development, CPG

CAPRE: What kind of trends are driving activity in Atlanta?

Ivey: There’s so much on the educational side. A new site came online at Georgia Tech with folks I used to work with, and a lot of those larger player are moving here. As soon as you get those hyperscale companies moving to the area, it sparks more growth. The enterprise level and the educational organizations, as well las the medical firms, however, are the ones I’m focusing on.

CAPRE: What challenges is the Atlanta data center market seeing?

Ivey: In general, not just Atlanta, there’s a bit of a slowdown due to excess space around the country. We’re seeing just a tiny bit of slowdown with the hyperscalers building their own stuff, and not taking down so much colo space. That’s an interesting trend that we’re watching closely. We’ll see what happens and we’re looking at what to do if there’s a pull-back. We’re looking at mergers and acquisitions to see what the next big play will be and who might gobble up who.

CAPRE: What is the most exciting thing to happen in Atlanta in the last year?

Ivey: Just all of the activity. It’s now a true, full-blown data center market. The legislation, the influx of companies coming to the area, the workforce that’s available. We’re excited to watch it continue to grow.

CAPRE: What are you looking forward to about CAPRE’s Atlanta Data Center Summit?

Ivey: I’m looking forward to connecting with existing customers and meeting new folks. I’m moderating a panel on the state of the Atlanta data center market, so I’m looking forward to hearing updates from the other experts on what’s going on in the market. I’m really just looking forward to connecting with everyone and learning about the flavors out there in the market, as well as what the future holds.

CAPRE: We agree. We’ll see you in Atlanta!

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