Another Blockchain Data Center May Be Coming to Montana

GREAT FALLS, MT & IRVINE, CA — Susteen, Inc. of Irvine, California has submitted a proposal to NorthWestern Energy (NWE) to lease the Old Rainbow Powerhouse in service of a blockchain data center. Susteen’s core competencies consists in both hardware and software solutions for the wireless communication industry and consumer markets, but they have created a new division that is partnering with established leaders in the cryptocurrency market, traditional “brick and mortar” product and service companies, branding and marketing companies, specialized software providers and banking institutions to move forward with its vision in this exciting new ecosystem.

According to the NorthWestern Energy website, built between 1908 and 1910, Rainbow’s original hydroelectric facilities (“the powerhouse”) made a major contribution to the development of Montana’s mining industry and electrification of its railroads. By the late 1800s, copper production was the leading industrial force in Montana, and its expansion relied on ample and inexpensive electricity. To meet this need, companies built hydroelectric plants on the Missouri and other rivers to power the mines and copper processing facilities. Rainbow was a good site to make electricity because the falls provided a natural drop in water elevation.

“This facility is a great opportunity for our project. It is a sound building with plenty of room in a secure location near a large power source – all critical requirements of our business,” Tom Sanders, Chief Technology Officer for Susteen, said. “We are very pleased with the economic win-win this sets up for our investment, NorthWestern Energy’s need to determine the building’s future, and local economic development.”

Tom Sanders, CTO, Susteen

“It’s hard to overstate the value of this to our local economy. The amazing serendipity is that this project preserves an important historic building and landmark, increases our tax base and brings new jobs to our community at the same time,” Cascade County Commissioner Jane Weber stated.

“These hydro facilities didn’t just grow Great Falls, they transformed industrial development in Montana and reflect Montana’s ambitions in its industrial heyday. Susteen’s proposal offers us the chance to recapture that economic momentum in our high-tech era,” Ellen Sievert, committee member and former City-County Historic Preservation Officer, said.

“The NorthWestern Energy and Susteen collaboration is both innovative and pragmatic; a great example of historic preservation leveraging the new technology and services economy of the internet era,” fellow committee member Peter Jennings added.

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