After Rough January, Facebook Set to Kick off February by Unveiling Las Lunas Data Center

LAS LUNAS, NEW MEXICO — After a month plagued by scandal, Facebook is hoping for a more positive month and is kicking off February with the unveiling of its first data center at its massive development in Las Lunas, New Mexico. A major even is planned for Thursday, February 7. Key headlines from January include:

  • The Center for Investigative Reporting found that the social network intentionally profited from (and refused to refund) purchases made by children as young as five, who sometimes spent thousands of dollars on games.
  • Apple revoked Facebook’s developer certificate, citing a violation of terms and agreements. The Apple certificate enables companies to create iPhone apps for internal use and Facebook built an app which, in exchange for $20 a month, would send all the data on a person’s phone. TechCrunch reported that the revocation of the certificate consequently broke all of Facebook’s internal apps on iPhones. The breaking of Facebook’s employee bus program left workers stranded.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer did offer two replies to the headlines. For one, she explained that Facebook only collected people’s data (both adults and children) with consent.

Regarding the update on the data center development, this is the first two committed data centers. However the massive development, first announced in Fall of 2018, boasts the potential for four additional facilities. In total, the campus has a projected cost of $1 Billion USD and should be completed by 2023. However, the first phase, a 510,000 square foot facility, cost an estimated $250 Million USD. Facebook expects that eventually, each data center will employ 50 full-time staff.

New Mexico pulled out all the stops to entice Facebook to the Southwestern state. For example, the state offered $30 Billion USD in industrial revenue bonds for a 30-year property tax break. Furthermore the state offered $13 million USD in funding via the Local Economic Development Act and the Job Incentive Training Program. Finally, Facebook will enjoy up to $1.6 Million USD in reimbursements, annually, for gross-receipts taxes.