5 Questions with MPINarada | Lowering TCO with a Best-in-Class Product & 7 Year Warranty

LEESBURG, VA — MPINarada offers the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective battery solutions in the industry. Their VRLA and lithium battery solutions are used in Critical Power, telecom, renewable energy, energy storage and other industrial applications. MPINarada are proud to have focused for over 25 years on ways to successfully achieve better battery solutions through engineering, manufacturing, marketing and customer support. In anticipation of CAPRE’s Women of Mission Critical Summit September 9 & CAPRE’s Mid-Atlantic Data Center Summit September 10, which will both be sponsored by MPINarada, we connected with Ursula McCready, Business Development Manager at MPINarada, to talk about her team’s value proposition & perspective on Northern Virginia.

CAPRE: What’s the latest at MPINarada? What’s your strategy for the rest of 2019?

McCready: The latest at MPINarada definitely has to do with our HRXL battery line and the interest we’ve had from the market on that. Customers are looking to reduce total cost of ownership and our HRXL battery supports our customers’ needs. The HRXL battery comes with a 7-year warranty which means only 1 battery change our every 14-15 years. The cost benefits are compelling compared to both traditional VRLA and lithium solutions.

CAPRE: What is MPINarada looking forward to about CAPRE’s Women of Mission Critical Summit September 9 & CAPRE’s Mid-Atlantic Data Center Summit September 10?

McCready: We’re looking forward to the networking. This is what we always enjoy the most about these events. We want to connect with these people and see what the industry trends are and make sure that our solutions are filling the market needs. These events really provide that for us as a vendor – what our end-users are wanting, what our competitors are doing, the trends out there and how we can apply that to our products.

CAPRE: Why are clients picking up the phone to give you a call? What demand drivers setting the pace your space?

Ursula McCready, Business Development Manager, MPINarada

McCready: As a global battery manufacturer our customers see will fill their needs for quality product, rapid delivery globally, and competitive prices. Customers are noticing that they have a “Best in Class” option, with a better warranty. That’s really peeking interest.

CAPRE: How would you characterize doing business in the mid-Atlantic data center region? What is the most exciting opportunity in the Mid-Atlantic right now?

McCready: With the growth in the data center and colocation market, Northern Virginia has always been a location that people gravitate toward. Every event we attend is getting bigger, and more people are moving to this area because of the low cost of energy and all the available land. Data centers still want to plant roots in this area. It’s been interesting to see how this has grown and to be able to participate in an event like this in this area is so beneficial for us.

CAPRE: What should people know about MPINarada’s products and value proposition?

McCready: As we’ve always said, innovation and responsiveness to our customers needs are the hallmark of our organization. The entire team really is focused on understanding what the customer needs. We want to meet, and exceed when we can, on those deliverables. We are a global battery leader and our customers will attest to our quality and competitiveness.

CAPRE: We’ll see you and MPINarada in Leesburg next week!

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